Sunday, August 30, 2015

Liam and Juliette's Family Birthday Dinner

As I mentioned before, Liam and Juliette turned 7 and 5 while we were in Germany, so when we got back, the family Easter dinner with Will's side of the family was also a birthday dinner for them! Easter eggs and birthday presents all in one day? These kids are so loved!
LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015-1IMG_1436LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015 LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015-4 IMG_1425LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015 LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015-3 IMG_1383LiamJujuBdayDinner2015 IMG_1403LiamJuJuDinner2015 LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015-2 IMG_1425LiamJuJuBday2015BW

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Our first time flying kites as a family... heart eyes all around!

FlyAKite2015-1IMG_1341FlyAKite FlyAKite2015-2 FlyAKite2015-3 IMG_1287FlyAKite FlyAKite2015-4

Happy Conference Weekend and Easter!

Easter snuck up on me as it was just days after we got home from our big trip to Germany! But it was an especially great Easter because General Conference fell on that weekend, which is something we look forward to so much. We do our best to focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ on Easter, especially Christ's resurrection, and conference truly added to the spirit of the season. We loved it!

And of course there was all the fun festivities! First off, hunting for Easter baskets Sunday morning.
Easter2015-8 Easter2015-9 ^^Apparently we have more baskets than kids floating around our house, so Liam was a little puzzled when he found (what he thought was) his basket completely empty! We got a good laugh out of that and told him to keep looking! The Easter bunny finds harder and harder hiding places each year. Easter2015-7 IMG_1149Easter2015 ^^Keeping up our homemade cinnamon roll tradition for conference! Yum! Easter2015-2 IMG_1367Easter2015 ^^Lots of love and snuggles for my brand new niece, Aeralise. What a beauty! Easter2015-11 IMG_1254Easter2015 IMG_1250Easter2015 Easter2015-3 IMG_1213Easter2015 Easter2015-5 IMG_1183Easter2015 Easter2015-6 Easter2015-10 IMG_1174Easter2015 Easter2015-1
^^And of course, the much anticipated Easter egg hunt at Grandma Rise and Grandpa Billy's! The kids LOVE how the eggs are full of change, and if they are lucky enough, they might just find Grandpa's golden egg!

PS. I forgot to bring their Easter baskets= Mom fail.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Germany Part 8: Saying Goodbye

When we weren't celebrating birthdays or going on excursions, we could probably be found baking with Grandma, going to the park, shopping or just enjoying each other's company around the house--Uncle Christian played so many board games with Liam!  We were only there for a week and a half, so we were pretty busy each day. On our last day together, Mom and I went and saw the new Cinderella movie (my dad took the kids to see it while we were in Venice), and we loooved it! It was so fun to spend some time with just my mom. She is such an angel! Another favorite day was when my mom, Emma and I had a girls day and went downtown to her favorite French bakery and ate some amazing treats, shopped to our heart's content at H&M, and then met up with the the guys and all the kids for dinner at a favorite German restaurant!

But sadly, and I know I'm forgetting things, it all had to come to an end. And boy is it hard to say goodbye! Isabella had an especially teary farewell. And I remember overhearing Liam saying something about wanting to live in Germany forever (so sweet!). We're all just so thankful for this trip and will remember it for the rest of our lives!

Germany2015-21 Germany2015-19 Germany2015-18 Germany2015-17 Germany2015-20

Oh how I love my dad! ❤️ They played and played in this box... Looked to me like they were ready to set sail. Ahoy! My mom took us to this super yummy French bakery on our girls day. I love her so much and wish she were in this pic. It was such a fun day! Every night was a sleepover! I could listen to him all day! So wish he lived closer and could give my kids guitar lessons. Maybe someday! On our last day there, Mom and I went and saw Cinderella! (Grandpa took the kids to see it while we were in Venice.) that movie was dreamy! It was especially fun to see it in Europe with my mom! One last pic before we headed out to the airport. �� Goodbye is always so hard! This girl had an especially hard time leaving. We pretty much couldn't say the words "grandma and grandpa" the whole journey home or she'd burst into tears. And a few days before we left, I overheard Liam say, "I wish we could stay here forever or longer.
Liam crashed! On our way home from the airport we ran into Costco, and these jet-lagged sweethearts were not impressed.
^^On our way home from the airport, we stopped at Costco where Liam crashed in the cart and Juliette and Charlie gave me special looks letting me know how unimpressed they were. haha

Friday, August 28, 2015

Germany Part 7: Happy 5th Birthday, Juliette!

We had another birthday while we were in Germany--Juliette turned 5! It worked out perfectly because this was Liam and Juliette's year to have a family party--and how fun for them to get to celebrate with their Germany family (this never happens!), as well as with some of their cousins!

It's breaking my heart that there are hardly any pictures from that day. :( Will and Uncle Jake took the kids swimming to celebrate during the day, while Emma and I stayed home baking a really cute kitty cake, and doing dinner prep. We made all types of crepes (per Juliette's request) and they turned out delicious! I could celebrate my darling Juliette Claire every day. She is such a happy, sweet, cuddly, and loving little girl with quite a bit of spunk! She loves to bake, and do gymnastics tricks, and she loves to be read to. She has brought more joy to my life in her five short years than I know how to express. I am so lucky she's ours. I love you to the moon, Juliette! Happy Birthday!

So much love for this birthday girl!
My sister @emma.vw makes crazy cute animal birthday cakes for her kids and was sweet enough to help me make a kitty cake for JuJu. It's harder than it looks, people!! As I began doing the piping, she said, "Now the trick to this is patience." Boy was that
Helping with the dishes! I wish I thought doing the dishes was this much fun!



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