Sunday, November 8, 2015

Family Party for Isabella's 10th Birthday!

Here is Isabella on her actual birthday. We'd had a busy day and had just gotten home from one of the kids' first soccer practices. Our little family celebration that evening was short but sweet, but we'd already done her friend party and had another party with extended family coming up that weekend, so I didn't feel too bad. She loved all her gifts and is such a delightful little thing. We adore her!

Some things I want to remember about Isabella at 10 years old...

*She is the most helpful person ever! She is seriously my right-hand girl at home and I'm so grateful that she loves to help so much because I don't remember being that way as a kid. It amazes me!

*She talks a million miles an hour and I do my best to be a good listener. She is full of ideas and opinions and stories.

*She loves to read and stays up way too late doing so! She will read anything she can get her hands on and I find it fascinating! She'll spend hours reading a recipe book or gardening book. She loves to read the steps in a craft book without doing the craft. I mean, she would love to do all crafts, but we don't always have the supplies on hand, so she's happy to just read all about what it would be like to make this or that. She also loves to read fiction... she literally just loves to read anything.

*She loves to sew. To her delight, there is a sewing class at the homeschool co-op we go to each week and she has had so much fun making anything from pillow cases to little monster dolls.

*She loves to act and be as dramatic as possible. In January she's going to be in her first play ever... just a little play our homeschool co-op is putting on, and she has so much fun practicing her parts and planning her costume.

*She loves people and makes friends easily. She wishes she could have every friend she's ever made over on a regular basis, but it's just not possible!

*She loves to write poetry and has started an anthology of her favorite poems, as well as her friends' favorite poems, some of which are their originals.

*She loves to bake. She and her Aunt Tina made macorons not too long ago and I was amazed at how well they turned out!

*She loves her siblings, but she and Charlton seem to have a special bond. Sometimes when Charlie gets hurt he chooses Isabella over me for a hug and kiss! I'm not sure how I feel about that! haha

Anyway, there's the short list of things Isabella is into these days. She is such a joy and I'm thankful for her every single day. I treasure this season in my life and it is an honor to be her mom!

Isabella's10thBday2015-4 IMG_2707Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2703Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2687Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2690Isabella's10thBday2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Isabella's "Tea By The Sea" Party

Ahhh! It's so hard to believe we have a ten year old! She has been planning this party for a few years now, and I loved the theme she finally settled on. She was so involved with every last detail; it amazes me how into this sort of thing she is. I keep telling her she's the next Martha Stewart the way she studies craft books and cook books and gardening books. It is so much fun! In fact, she was so involved with hosting that it was hard to snag pictures of her at the party!

For her "Tea by the Sea" party we went to Grandma Rise and Grandpa Billy's house, which made for a dreamy setting! When the girls first arrived they danced on the lawn and played on the beach for a bit and then we let them arrange flowers. They all put together such beautiful bouquets! After that, we had the tea party and then the girls played on the beach some more and ended the festivities in the hot tub.

A big thank you to our next-door neighbor, Trista, who loaned us so many of her gorgeous decorations for the occasion. (Trista is an amazing wedding planner and has helped me out with so many events. We love her and are so grateful for her generosity!)

Yes, it was a beautiful party for a beautiful girl!

Love you forever, Isabella!

TeaByTheSeaInviteBlog IMG_2286Isabella's10thBday2015 Isabella's10thBday2015-6 IMG_2201Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2177Isabella's10thBday2015 Isabella's10thBday2015-1 IMG_2342Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2121Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2135Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2209Isabella's10thBday2015 Isabella's10thBday2015-3 IMG_2111Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2116Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2148Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2179Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2183Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2214Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2227Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2233Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2239Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2242Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2247Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2250Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2260Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2264Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2267Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2270Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2273Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2297Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2299Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2303Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2311Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2317Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2341Isabella's10thBDay2015 IMG_2363Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2416Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2504Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2522Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2534Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2553Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2558Isabella's10thBday2015 IMG_2560Isabella's10thBday2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hermes Family Reunion!

Will and I aren't big campers, but I'm so glad we went to the annual Hermes family reunion this year. It's always a big campout on the third weekend in July. Each time we have attended over the years, we have been embraced with so much love and welcome! It is my Grandpa Edwin's family (he died when my mom was two), but all of his siblings, especially his sister, Aunt Kay, take us under their wing. We made such a happy memories, ate the most amazing food and got to reconnect with such cherished family! And the kids looooved getting dirty and sleeping in our giant tent, which we lovingly refer to as the Gross Schloss. (schloss is "castle" in German.) They are happy campers, for sure. 'Til next year!


  IMG_1799HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1702HermesFamilyReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-6 IMG_1713HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1759HermesFamilyReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-4 IMG_1781HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1811HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1912HermesReunion2015 IMG_1815HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1846HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1857HermesReunion2015 IMG_1868HermesReunion2015 IMG_1873HermesReunion2015 IMG_1888HermesReunion2015 IMG_1894HermesReunion2015 IMG_1912HermesReunion2015 IMG_1920HermesReunion2015 IMG_1930HermesReunion2015 IMG_1937HermesReunion2015 IMG_1941HermesReunion2015 IMG_1945HermesReunion2015 IMG_1949HermesFamilyReunion2015 IMG_1915HermesReunion2015 IMG_1952HermesReunion2015 IMG_1959HermesReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-1 IMG_1979HermesReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-3 IMG_1985HermesReunion2015 IMG_1987HermesReunion2015 IMG_1992HermesReunion2015 IMG_2053HermesReunion2015 IMG_2004HermesReunion2015 HermesReunion2015-2 IMG_2009HermesReunion2015 IMG_1962HermesReunion2015



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