Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our 4th of July Trip to Spokane!

Our trip to see my sister Lauren in Spokane for the Fourth of July was just perfect! She recently moved into the cutest house and it was fun to be her first guests. Uncle Steve was quite the chef while we were there, spoiling us with amazing apple sauce pancakes and cowboy burgers. We also got to eat at Cafe Rio, which is a definite favorite of ours. Our neck of the woods doesn't have nearly enough good eats, so this was a real treat.

Everything was within walking distance... the farmers market, the splash pad, the library (we didn't venture to the library, but still! How cool would it be to live within walking distance of the library?!), the fireworks show.

Every afternoon, Lu, Isabella and I would go for an afternoon shopping trip. It was so fun. I love to shop so much, especially with my sisters!

But best of all was just visiting, of course. It's so, so awesome to have a sister live within driving distance! And now if the rest of my family would hurry up and migrate to Washington. 

And last but not least, Happy Birthday, America! We love you so much!

Spokane2014-7 IMG_7013Spokane2014BW Spokane2014-1 IMG_6848Spokane2014 Spokane2014-2 IMG_6962Spokane2014BW Spokane2014-3 IMG_7026Spokane2014 Spokane2014-4 IMG_6980Spokane2014 Spokane2014-5 IMG_6879Spokane2014 Spokane2014-6 IMG_6999Spokane2014 Spokane2014-8
Had to include my iphone pics from the trip too (looking at them makes me want to plan our next trip already!):
Spokane for the Fourth

Friday, August 8, 2014

Isabella's June Recital

We sure enjoyed watching Isabella in her second dance recital! She looked beautiful and did so great up there. And what's not to love about dressing up in a fancy costume and getting to wear makeup...super fun for the both of us! As much as I love to see her on stage, though, I still think my favorite thing in the world is watching her dance around our home freestylin' it. She's always dancing and I love that!

 IMG_6715IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6725IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IsabellaJuneRecital2014-3 IMG_6674IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6675IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6681IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IsabellaJuneRecital2014-1 IMG_6727IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6713IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6726IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6740IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6728IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6766IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6669IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6686IsabellaJuneRecital2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Primary Color Run

It's hard to believe we've lived in our house for nearly seven years! In those seven years, we've been part of the most amazing ward at church. I've never been in a ward that wasn't amazing, but this is the longest we've been anywhere and I feel like I'm extra attached because of that. My babies are growing up with these people, and they truly are cream-of-the-earth kind of people. For a recent Primary activity, we had a color run and it was so fun! I'm glad I could take some pictures, not just of my cuties, but also of some of the people we love and admire so much. Thank you, dear Primary leaders, for putting on such a fun event!

IMG_6528ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-10 IMG_6520ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-1 IMG_6576ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-2 IMG_6623ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-3 IMG_6564ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-4 IMG_6606ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-5 IMG_6594ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-6 IMG_6516ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-7 IMG_6565ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-8 IMG_6583ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-9 IMG_6631ColorRun2014



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