Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fourth of July

Our 4th of July included so many great things: a festive breakfast, flag ceremony and bike parade with our church family, time with loved ones, the beach, crab fishing, excellent food and fireworks! It was a very full and happy day celebrating the birth of this country that we love!
IMG_13494thofJuly2015IMG_13234thofJuly2015 IMG_12894thofJuly2015 4thofJuly2015-2 IMG_14414thofJuly2015 IMG_14334thofJuly2015 IMG_14014thofJuly2015 IMG_13834thofJuly2015 IMG_13724thofJuly2015 IMG_13664thofJuly2015 IMG_13594thofJuly2015 IMG_13634thofJuly2015 IMG_13504thofJuly2015 4thofJuly2015-1 IMG_13264thofJuly2015

Swimming Lessons!

It's been a few years since we've had the kids in swimming lessons and it was such a great experience. They only did it everyday for a week, but I noticed a lot of progress in such a short time. Plus our good friends signed up for the same week, so we loved that. The kids also played quite a bit in Grandma Rise and Grandpa Billy's hot tub this summer, which has helped Liam and Juliette get way more comfortable in the water. Suddenly, they're putting their heads under and doing all kinds of crazy things. Liam is especially anxious to get back to swimming lessons. He really loved his teacher and wants to try to move up to the next level... maybe when soccer season ends, we can look into it. I can only handle one extracurricular thing at a time at our house!
IMG_1603SwimmingLessons2015Swimming2015-1 IMG_1564SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1560SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1590SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1555SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1542SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1528SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1524SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1515SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1504SwimmingLessons2015 SwimmingLesson2015-2

Bicycling and a Toolbox

One night this summer while Will and Liam were finishing up building a tool box together, Juliette learned how to ride a bike! Our neighbor was out learning to ride her bike and so Juliette thought she would join her. The friendly competition helped both girls take off, and it was a lot of fun to watch! By the way, bikes with the tiny wheels are the best for learning on--so much less intimidating! Also, I love how Juliette's wearing an inside out dress for the occasion.

So proud of these cuties! JuJuBike2015-3 IMG_1263JulietteBike2015 JuJuBike2015-2 JuJuBike2015-1

Friday, September 18, 2015

Isabella's June Dance Recital

I took most of these pictures well before the recital started, and I'm so glad I did because come showtime, this place was so packed that it was hard to see, let alone take pictures. We tried out a new dance program in the area called Dance Life and we've really liked it! Isn't the studio dreamy? Aside from us being super squished, I was really glad they held the recital there.

Isabella danced so gracefully... she has a poise about her, and I love to watch her! I was really proud of how well she danced, but what made me most proud was the way she organized and played with the younger dancers before the show. There was quite a bit of time to kill and kids were running around like crazy, and she thought to keep everyone busy with fun games--it was adorable to watch her and her friends love on those kids... honestly, it kinda made me tear up watching her take such initiative. She is so confident and kind and good! And like her siblings, she brings me more joy than I ever dreamed motherhood could bring. Love you, Isabella!
IMG_0840DanceRecital2015IMG_0847DanceRecital2015 JuneDanceRecital2015-2 IMG_0859DanceRecital2015 IMG_0873DanceRecital2015 JuneDanceRecital2015-3 IMG_1011DanceRecital2015 IMG_0926DanceRecital2015 IMG_0929Dance2015 IMG_0936DanceRecital2015 IMG_0947DanceRecital2015 IMG_0949DanceRecital2015 IMG_0951DanceRecital2015 IMG_1036DanceRecital2015 JuneDanceRecital2015-1 IMG_0954DanceRecital2015 IMG_0970DanceRecital2015 IMG_0989DanceRecital2015 IMG_0876DanceRecital2015



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