Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween sure has a way of being busy! This was probably our busiest yet, but with all fun/good things! We kicked off the day watching my friend's kids, and then we went to a Halloween party that another friend invited us to. We came home and got costumes on and dinner going. And then our neighbor came over for dinner before our evening of trick or treating with Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott. That night Isabella began her first "real job" of feeding our neighbor's cat and giving her medicine twice a day for nearly two weeks, and our other neighbor, Emma, came and spent a week with us while her grandparents went on vacation! Whew! I'm sure there other moms out there that have these types of days regularly, no sweat, but it felt like a big accomplishment for me to stay on top of everything! It all went really smoothly, though, and we had a wonderful day!

As you can see from the pictures, Isabella was a medieval princess; Liam was Harry Potter; Juliette was Annie, and Charlie was an owl. They were adorable and had a great Halloween! And of course they're already dreaming up what they want to be next year. Isabella has probably presented me with 25 different ideas already, no joke.

Halloween2014-3 IMG_5598Halloween2014 Halloween2014-2 Halloween2014-4 IMG_5406Halloween2014 Halloween2014-5 IMG_5401Halloween2014 Halloween2014-6 Halloween2014-7 IMG_5348Halloween2014 Halloween2014-8 Halloween2014-9 IMG_5345Halloween2014 Halloween2014-1

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our First Time at a Pumpkin Patch!

We had a magical time at the pumpkin patch! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've never taken my kids to one. Even typing this, I'm stunned by this fact. Maybe it's because I spent the latter part of my childhood in Germany where pumpkin patches don't exist (that I know of). We have definitely been missing out--shame on me-- and will be making this an annual tradition from here on out!

Juliette wasn't so much into picking out the perfect pumpkin (although she was very attached to the little one she did pick), as she was in heaven playing with her friend Lila... holding hands, teeter-tottering, climbing haystacks. They are such cute blondie friends and so much alike!

Liam was on a mission to come home with the biggest pumpkin and was very deliberate and thoughtful about finding it (just like he is with everything in life... so sincere, this boy!) The pumpkin he picked was so heavy that he dropped it and it rolled down the hill away from him. But he eventually caught up and Will helped him get it in the wagon.

Isabella said to me a million times that she loved the pumpkin patch SO much. She loved every minute and everything about it all. She was all smiles that morning and especially adorable on the tree swing.

And I can't fail to mention Charlie boy. Let's just say he is as cute as a pumpkin, and I'm glad that he hasn't been deprived. He has a entire childhood of pumpkin patch magic ahead of him. :)

IMG_3790PumpkinPatch2014 IMG_3907PumpkinPatch2014 PumpkinPatch2014-2 IMG_3791PumpkinPatch2014 PumpkinPatch2014-3 IMG_3792PumpkinPatch2014 PumpkinPatch2014-4 IMG_3794PumpkinPatch2014 PumpkinPatch2014-5 IMG_3805PumpkinPatch2014 PumpkinPatch2014-6 IMG_3941PumpkinPatch2014 IMG_3822PumpkinPatch2014 PumpkinPatch2014-7 IMG_3851PumpkinPatch2014 IMG_3853PumpkinPatch2014 PumpkinPatch2014-9 IMG_3875PumpkinPatch2014 IMG_3915PumpkinPatch2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

I'm so thankful for these family pictures of the people who mean the most to me in this world. I love them so much! Thanks a million times, Jill! You do amazing work!

IMG_3769GrossFamily2014 GrossFamily2014-4 IMG_3599Gross2014BW GrossFamily2014-3 IMG_3728GrossFamily2014BW GrossFamily2014-2 IMG_4333GrossFamily2014BW GrossFamily2014-1 IMG_4318GrossFamily2014 IMG_3763GrossFamily2014 IMG_4227GrossFamily2014BW IMG_4333GrossFamily2014 IMG_3744GrossFamily2014BW IMG_3836GrossFamily2014 GrossFamily2014-5 IMG_3728GrossFamily2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Saints Soccer: Charlie on the Sidelines!

Charlie loved watching his big brother and sisters play soccer on Mondays and Thursdays evenings in the late summer/early fall this year. He just loves being outside in general, so he had a lot of fun crawling around and getting good and dirty on the sidelines, always trying to eat the cones! Knowing how quickly time flies, I'm sure I'll blink a few times and he'll be out there on the field. I love how soccer is something our whole family loves, not that I've ever officially played soccer, but I do love it. I especially love often playing for Family Home Evening on Monday nights in the summer. Such great memories! Anyway, just look at my cute baby! I love him, oh man, how I love him.

IMG_2506LittleSaints2014Charlie LittleSaints2014Charlie-1 IMG_2504LittleSaints2014Charlie LittleSaints2014Charlie-2 IMG_2500LittleSaints2014Charlie LittleSaints2014Isabella-2 IMG_2502LittleSaints2014Charlie



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